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Our Mission:


Our techno meditation & cacao workshop brings a natural high that supports the synchronization of brain hemispheres and actively raises the frequency of all who attend. Techno meditation to bring people deeper into meditation through binaural beats at the theta frequency, chakra healing tones, and repetitive techno beats to tame the "monkey mind". All of this together creates an electronic sound bath that takes the brain from a state of stress to one of relaxation and oneness. Combined with the heart-opening cacao, this workshop fosters a renewed sense of wellbeing and connection to one's self and their fellow festival-goers.

Techno Meditation and Sacred Cacao is a monthly workshop that we lead in the Netherlands. Each group brings unique insights and helps us to better serve the next. We have witnessed amazing breakthroughs from closed hearts into open ones and have ourselves experienced synchronized brainwaves that we demonstrated using a biofeedback machine.

We also host conscious silent discos, which are similar to ecstatic dance and feature tribal house, global music, and techno with binaural beats and healing frequencies. This technique is a moving meditation.

Go deeper into the meditation with headphones to fully capture the alpha and theta binaural mixed live during our techno meditations. These are sure to take you out of your thoughts and deep into a space of pure existence and bliss.


Great for groups of 30 or less, and for spaces where noise is otherwise an issue.